Natalya Diehm

Natalya Diehm, BMX Freestyle athlete, she’s the ultimate example of dedication and excellence in her sport. With over 18 years of experience, Natalya’s illustrious career is marked by numerous achievements, including clinching her fourth Australian National Championship and securing her second Oceania Championship title. Her recent triumphs, including her gold medal win at the Oceania […]

Anna Pixner

Meet Anna Pixner, the 27-year-old Downhill Skateboarding sensation from Innsbruck, Austria, and currently calling Sydney home. With incredible speed, inspiring dedication, and an artistic flair, Anna finds joy in creating masterpieces within the thrill of each ride. As a daring, adrenaline-fueled skater, she not only rides with great speed but captures the essence and passion […]

Sarah Baum

Introducing Sarah “Baumy” Baum With an impressive 21 years of experience in the world of surfing, Sarah’s journey began at the age of 8. Hailing from the shores of South Africa, she has become a force to be reckoned with in the surfing world. However, her path has been far from smooth, marked by extraordinary […]

Haylie Powell

Meet Haylie Powell, the sensational 17-year-old skateboarder from the Sunshine Coast, who has been carving her path in the skateboarding world since the age of 10. Specialising in street skateboarding, Haylie has not only claimed her presence but has boldly asserted her place in the realm of skateboarding. Being the versatile athlete she is, Haylie […]