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Meet Haylie Powell, the sensational 17-year-old skateboarder from the Sunshine Coast, who has been carving her path in the skateboarding world since the age of 10. Specialising in street skateboarding, Haylie has not only claimed her presence but has boldly asserted her place in the realm of skateboarding. Being the versatile athlete she is, Haylie also excels in park and bowl skating. With an impressive journey spanning 7 years, she has been no stranger to international invites, Olympics Qualifiers, X Games, Dew Tour and securing podium spots on both national and state levels, she’s earned significant respect from her peers and the skateboarding world. As the year progresses, Haylie’s determination only grows stronger, with two more events awaiting her. Her sights are firmly set on the grand stage of the 2024 Paris Olympics, as she continues to travel the globe, sharpening her skills, competing relentlessly and nurturing a limitless hunger to take her skateboarding to unprecedented heights. But Haylie’s impact goes beyond her skateboarding. She is at the forefront of a new generation, shattering conventions in what was once a male-dominated arena. With women in sports, pushing boundaries and showing the world that doors can be kicked down. Haylie isn’t just a skateboarder; she’s an electrifying source of inspiration and a remarkable role model, showing that greatness knows no limits.

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