Foreword by Fleur McIntyre

Change is no longer coming……it’s here.

 It is my great pleasure to introduce Stella Athletes, a management and advocacy service for elite and emerging female athletes. One of the first of its kind in Australia.

 Stella has been created by directors Lauren Gandini and Brieanna Mercer, who using their sporting and legal experience, were passionately motivated to create this space in Australian sport.

 I have known these two women for over 10 years. They have always had a strong sense of social justice, and are driven to empower others, particularly those that have often lacked a voice in our society. Enter Stella. Lauren and Brie’s focus is on what female athletes need – with an unwavering commitment to the growth of women’s sport in Australia.

 This is the first edition of Stella’s newsletter that will be released quarterly, containing updates and helpful information for female athletes, coaches and organisations.

I truly believe one of the most powerful forces we have is women supporting women. And Stella encapsulates exactly that. We are not asking for a seat at the table, we are building our own.

One that captures our vision, growth, advancement and success.

Change is here. And we are ready.