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Women supporting women is a huge area, there’s not a lot of us (women) working in men’s sport, so if we are able to create those networks where it’s just peer support. It doesn’t have to be anything formal but being able to check in and support each other is really important. I think women, in particular, are filled with self-doubt and this sense of imposter syndrome way more than men, so having other women say ‘no you can do this’ is a really powerful thing.
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  • PHD in Health Sciences
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Fleur is currently the only female coaching in the NBL, and made history in the 21/22 season by becoming the first female to win an NBL Championship. Fleur has an extensive playing and coaching history in Western Australia across both mens and womens state league and high performance programs. Described as the “glue” that holds the team together, Fleur emphasises the human connection aspect of coaching and values the relationships she makes with the players to bring out the best person and player they can be. The assistant coach role with the Kings was Fleurs first professional coaching contract – prior to that she worked for 12 years in academia where she was the Associate Professor and Head of Exercise Science at the University of Notre Dame, lecturing and researching on important areas of health science including skill acquisition, motor learning and development, sports psychology and sociology. Fleur is passionate about gender equity and improved health outcomes for marginalised groups. She is an exciting, experienced and engaging speaker and is passionate about challenging the status quo and breaking down barriers for those to come – so get in touch to organise Fleur for your next event.  

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