Mikayla Hinkley

Mikayla is a top order batter who plays an occasional right-arm medium bowl as well as being a handy fielder. She is a problem solver and can apply and absorb pressure based on each game situation she faces. Mikayla is an energetic and competitive leader who drives for high standards amongst the teams she represents. She debuted […]

Taneale Peschel

Born and raised in Rockingham, Western Australia, Taneale grew up with a large and loving family. Described as an honest, caring, hardworking and ambitious person, she also has a great sense of humour and is highly regarded by her closest friends, family and fellow teammates. Taneale’s cricket journey began at 14 and she has never […]

Piepa Cleary

A talented and experienced allrounder, Piepa Cleary brings energy and competitiveness every time she steps on the field. The right arm medium-fast bowler is a reliable wicket taker with the ability to bat in the middle order confidently bringing in quick runs, whilst also fielding with intent in key positions. Piepa’s passion is drawn from […]